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October 5, 2016
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Most Common Home Inspection Issues

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Most Common Home Inspection Issues
       By: Ashley Elvington
When buying a home, there are some issues you may come across during inspection. There’s a lot to be covered before the house officially becomes a home; it’s best to know what issues you may be facing so the problems can be solved quickly. Below are some of the most common issues found during home inspections.
1.       Hazardous wiring. Anything from open boxes to exposed cords and wires, leakages near wires or wiring, poor installation, etc.
2.       Lack of a proper drainage system. Wet soil around the house, moisture in the basement, a yard that’s holding water, etc.
3.       Gutter and roof damage. Gutters clogged with leaves and dirt or various other things, or bent from the effects of severe weather. Missing and/or broken shingles and flashings, old shingles, etc.
4.       Poor foundation. Cracks in the floors and walls, warped flooring, doors, or windows.
5.       Lack of inner and outer repairs. Rooms need repainting, carpeting or flooring needs to be repaired, driveway needs to be repaved, lawn maintenance, utility repairs or replacements, etc.
6.       Poor plumbing. Leaks, water stains, presence of mold or mildew, improper level of water pressure and drainage, etc.
7.       Lack of ventilation. No air flowing through the attic, windows that are stuck shut (due to wear and tear, heat damage, moisture build up that causes swelling in foundation, etc.), very few vents located within the house.
8.       Trouble with heating. AC unit issues, hot water heater issues, etc.
While these are just a few of the issues faced during home inspection, they should not deter you from buying your own home. If you’re searching for a high quality inspection guaranteed to help set you on the path of having a perfect home, call us today at Accuview Home Inspections.