Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before & After Inspection
November 6, 2017
What Home Inspectors Want You to Know
January 9, 2018
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Preparing Your Home for an Inspection

                Home inspections can be stressful, as you’re wondering what shape your home is actually in and if it’s good enough to pass inspection. Here are some ways you can prepare before the big day arrives.
1.       Spend time cleaning. Don’t just make the surface look shiny and new, clean all areas of the house and keep it clutter free. Make sure nothing is blocking the pathway to the attic, basement, and electrical panels.
2.       Have your paperwork organized and ready to be observed. If you have a filing cabinet, use it. Keep track of receipts and contracts from all maintenance work and repairs that have been conducted on the house. Keep your insurance claims nearby also so the inspector can see you properly handled any issues that occurred.
3.       Ensure easy access to your home. Don’t lock doors or gates, as this will seem suspicious to the inspector. Make sure he or she can easily access all areas of your home.
4.       Don’t feel as if you have to stay during inspection. They certainly don’t need you lingering nearby while working. You’re more than welcome to provide your cell phone number and leave the house until the inspection is done.
5.       Don’t take the results of the inspection personally. The inspector isn’t targeting you or trying to make you feel bad, he or she is simply trying to do their job, which will ultimately keep you and your family, or the buyer and his or her family, safe.