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January 21, 2020
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March 15, 2020
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What Will Fail a Home Inspection?

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Whether you are selling or buying a house. A requirement of having a home inspection is necessary. There is really no grading of passing or failing a home inspection. A home inspection is a visual examination of the overall condition of the house.

The report of the inspection describes the house’s physical shape and it identifies what might be the things that need repairs or replacement. Both the seller and the buyer will be informed of the report and so they can discuss and negotiate what is the necessary fix needed to change. To make the buying and selling process smooth and less time consuming, the homeowner should inspect that the property is in good quality and in good shape.

There are things that need extra attention during the home inspection. These are the oil tank, HVAC System, roof, structural integrity of the chimney, water drainage and disbursement, electricity system, foundation, quality of the flooring, noxious gases, asbestos, exhaust fans, lead paint, and waste systems.

These are the big factors that the homebuyers and homeowners should look into before purchasing or selling the property. They have to make their own inspection of the house first of what they think to make sure that everything is working and in good condition inside and outside.

Other factors that most home inspectors find home defects are plumbing issues, inadequate insulation and ventilation in the attic, the whole house is poorly maintained, air and water penetrating cracks and window perimeters at the exterior, minor structural damage and potential environmental problems.

A qualified and professional home inspector will give an in-depth evaluation of the whole house and look into details from the roofing system down to the flooring or basement.

If the result of the home inspection is a bad report, the buyer’s action may do one of these things depending on the terms of the contract.

1. The buyer can request repairs to move forward on the sale.
2. The buyer can request a credit, an amount that is enough to cover the repairs where the buyer wants to do the repairs in their own terms or the seller refusing repair.
3. The buyer can back out of the deal because of a bad report. This is the worst-case even though there are only minor fix issues and they make them as an excuse.

In the part of the seller, after receiving a bad report there are still options that the seller can make to make the sale moving forward. Reasonable buyers who really want to buy your house understand that no home is perfect. The options for sellers are:

1. Make the repairs.
2. Give credit to buyers as mentioned above.
3. Sell as-is and lower the sale price.
4. Offer a 1-year home warranty.
5. And barter in other ways. This is bartering like the appliances or furniture that are not originally included in the sale.

Sellers, as well as buyers, have always options and they can negotiate with each other to move the sale forward.