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Tips To Ward Off Termites and Signs They Might Be Invading

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Hand of a carpenter pointing at a wood plank destroyed by termites isolated on white

There is an old saying that goes something like this. There are three types of homes; those that have termites, those that had termites, and those that will have them. Either way, termites are a part of homeownership and an undesirable part of it which can spell untold damage to your home and long term wellbeing.

This doesn’t mean that a homeowner has to take it lying down; there are many proactive steps that a homeowner can take to ward off termites, once they identify that they are invading. Here are some of the key signs to look for.

Signs that Termites are Mounting an Attack

Termites eat wood and can destroy not only the frame of your home but also interiors, siding, decks, and decorations. They can infiltrate and demonstrate significant destructive power. The first key is being always on the lookout for them and keep aware that your home will inevitably be a source of attraction to termites and you should start examining your home for them.

Termites tend to enter homes through the natural entryways; doors and windows and the first place that you should look at are the sills that mark these entrance ways. Doors are typically placed on top of sills that frame the door and if you have access to a basement where the door sill is visible you can inspect to see if there is wood damage or holes there, and the first sign to look for is sawdust as a residue from their digging processes.

Walk around your basement and look for noticeable holes or sawdust and be sure to verify if the sawdust is widespread or limited. Look in crawlspaces for the same and check attics, decks, and other sources of wood for damage or rotting. This is a telltale sign of termites. Don’t be afraid to hire the occasional inspection service for termites as they can save you time and money by identifying a problem early on before it expands.

If you Identify a Termite Infestation

When you identify a termite infestation hire a professional termite removal company who will spray and remove any nearby colonies of termites through poison traps which will kill their colonies and limit their spread. This is a step you should generally take if you have active termites in your home. It doesn’t mean that when the termite service leaves you are home free.

Staying Vigilant

You will still need to be diligent and vigilant to keep termites from returning. Begin by removing wood from your yard and a nearby home. Make sure decks are treated and wood and branches aren’t left to rot which can attract termites. Spray the perimeter of your home or leave termite traps in all four seasons at an even spacing around your home to prevent them from entering your home.

Replace these traps regularly. Turn your flower soil and check for termite egg nests; if you identify in your yard, then be double prepared with additional termite traps.

Termites are inevitable but the damage that they cause isn’t. Be vigilant and keep your home’s termite problems in control before they spread. Reach out to Accuview Home Inspections when you need a home inspection.