What to Look for During a Home Inspection
November 14, 2021
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Do I Really Need an Inspection of My Newly Built House?
January 11, 2022
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What to Look for During a Home Inspection

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The excitement of buying a new home can blind you into gushing over the external features of a house. While the lawn, windows, painting, and floors can be spotless and well-conditioned, underlying aspects such as plumbing can tell a different story. As such, before buying and falling in love with a house, it is essential that you take time and carry out a professional home inspection.

A house inspection checks the critical aspects to ensure it is safe to live in and free from damages before a new homeowner buys the house. Below is a guide on what will be inspected when you hire a home inspector.


You know a house’s element is important if it is used to symbolize a home, i.e., putting a roof over one’s head. The roof keeps everything inside safe from direct effects of weather conditions that would otherwise damage the floors, furniture, and electronic gadgets. In addition, your roof is also key to your insulation and air conditioning needs.

The significant importance of the roof also makes it one of the pricier aspects to repair or renovate. A house inspection ensures that all roof shingles are present and damage-free, they are no roof leaks. Roofs are also highly susceptible to water intrusion and damage, which may manifest as stains or moss growth.

HVAC System

The indoor comfort is largely dependent on the central heating and cooling system or air conditioning units. A house’s HVAC system is fully inspected for efficiency on both performance and energy consumption during the inspection.

You will also learn how long the HVAC system has been in use. Depending on the information shared, you will decide whether to repair or replace the HVAC units.


Dealing with plumbing problems can be nagging, especially if you just moved into a house. Plumbing problems can have a massive effect on the heath or the house’s occupants, high water bills, and awful smells.

A plumbing inspection prior to purchasing a house includes checking the water system for water flow, quality, and drainage. Furthermore, you can also have your sewer system inspected to make you aware of any possible need for sewer line replacements. Your plumbing inspection may be conducted by a house inspector or separately with a certified plumber.

Test the Electricity

Electrical components and additions in a home need to be at their best to have a safe, functional, and well-lit home. A home inspector ensures all the electricity sources, outlets, and bulbs are all working. The wiring around the home is also inspected to ensure no electrical shock threats.

Exterior Elements

Your exterior includes the lawn, deck, gutters, foundation, and walls, and as the first aspect of a home, it should be inviting at all times. Inspection of the exteriors ensures the lawn is free from rodents and that all the gutters are connected to the roof to avoid water damage.

In addition, your walls should be insulated, well cleaned, and have a fresh coat of paint on them. The home’s foundation should also be free from cracks or erosion caused by rain. Foundations can be expensive to repair or replace, therefore pick a home with solid foundations, literally.