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Do I Really Need an Inspection of My Newly Built House?

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Buying a newly built house is the most exciting time in your life. You can finally stop looking at houses and start living in one, but you still need to finalize some things before moving in.
the following are reasons why you may need an inspection for your newly built house

1. In case of a disaster

In a disaster such as a fire, flood, or hurricane, getting your house inspected even if you have purchased an insurance policy is advisable. This will help determine how much damage was done and whether you need some help from the insurance company to fix your house after the catastrophe.

2. Damage is done while constructing the house

Sometimes construction workers may cause damage to your newly built house. The key reason for this is that they are rushed to complete the job. This rush makes them not care about their work, and therefore they end up causing some damages to your house. Some examples of these damages include scratches on the floor, wall, or baseboard caused by construction equipment. If you notice these, do not let the workers leave your property; instead, call an inspector to inspect your house for any damages that may require repair.

3. Before moving in

Before you move into this newly built house, it is important to get it inspected by a professional who can tell you what work needs to be done, if any, to fix your house. This will help you save time, energy, and money during moving in.

4. Safety of the house

It is important to get your newly built house inspected because it helps tell whether or not the building complies with safety standards set by local government authorities. It may take a little time before you move in, but it gives you peace of mind by knowing that your house is safe to live in.

5. Information for lenders

It is common for financial institutions to require home buyers to seek inspection before seeking mortgages or other types of loans. They do this because inspections are essential when it comes to determining the value of a property. If they find out that the house does not meet safety standards, they can decline to offer you a loan and therefore save money from lending to people with poor credit ratings.

6. Warranty protection

Another reason why you should get your newly built house inspected is to ensure you will be given a warranty if the builder is giving it to you. Builders give warranties to ensure the house is free from defects like cracks in the bricks or other things that should not be present.

7. It adds value

Getting your newly built house inspected gives it an advantage over other similar homes for sale, regardless of location or size. This is because buyers always want to be sure about the condition of a house before they make an offer. One way to assure them is by getting your house inspected by professionals who can give you a detailed report and contact information for future reference.

In conclusion, getting your newly built house inspected is one of the most important steps in starting a new life at your new home. It may cost you some money, but it gives you peace of mind which means more than any money to pay for the inspection services.