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What You Need to Know About Aluminum Wiring in Your Home

Aluminum Wiring

What an Aluminum wire looks like.

If you want to know if you are dealing with an Aluminum wire, the cables often have
ALUMINUM, ALUM, or AL marked on them. Suppose you have just moved into an apartment,
and you would like to know if it is installed with aluminum wiring. An expert electrician is required to inspect your home to give you professional advice. Aluminum wiring was first discovered in the 1960s and used as a cheaper option to copper wiring.

The safety of aluminum wiring in your home

Whether aluminum wiring is a safe option has been a topic of discussion for years. The truth is, many homeowners have aluminum wiring in their houses, and it has served them for years. The secrets behind successful aluminum wiring are professional receptacles and conductors and occasional inspection of wires connected to light switches, the junction box, and outlets. These ensure the wires still have a longer life span and are not wearing out. Warn out aluminum wires usually have the potential to burst into flames.

Aluminum features send chills down the spine of most homeowners.

 Aluminum is a soft metal, and therefore most homeowners believe it may not withstand
high levels of electricity.
 Aluminum wires often expand and move from their original positions when overheated.
 When aluminum is exposed to moisture and air, it forms an aluminum oxide, which is a
bad conductor of heat, eventually leading to the overheating of the wires.
 The ability of aluminum wires to burst into flames after deterioration.
 The aluminum wires can easily be damaged compared to copper wires with a longer life

Signs that show the aluminum wiring in your house has deteriorated.

 When you keep hearing Sizzling and buzzing sounds within the house.
 Coming across worn-out outlets that may be dangerous to touch with your bare hands.
 Undergoing through the frequent or constant flickering of lights.
 Meeting with exposed damaged wires.
 Sudden, frequent circuit breaks
 Availability of smoke marks on outlets.
 A plastic-like burning smell in the house.

What to do if your house is installed with aluminum wiring.

The first thing to do is not to panic. You should not worry about installing aluminum in your house, especially if you have zero problems with your electric connection. The second most important thing is to look for the services of a professional electrician to conduct a thorough inspection of the wiring of your house. To your surprise, you might not even need a wiring replacement, especially if the initial wiring was done professionally despite using aluminum.

Even though the aluminum wiring in your home is perfect and has been for years, it does not mean that you should put an end to the frequent professional inspection. Make it a habit to time any possible issue lacking in the dark yet to be visible.

Therefore, aluminum wiring is not as dangerous as the rumors put it out there. It is safe as long as proper care is taken into consideration. By proper care, I mean from the person you are using to install the wires, to the care taken when installing the wires to prevent any damage to the delicate wires, and finally, the frequent professional inspections.