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Building a Deck this Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know

building a deck

Carpenter building wooden deck

Building a deck is all about creating a comfortable, fun space outdoors for family and friends to socialize and enjoy. It is also an asset that increases your house’s resale value. Here are things you need to know before putting the structure up.

Deck’s Location

Depending on the size of the property and the structure of your house, you can build a deck in more than one location. However, its primary function determines the ideal location. Consider your area’s climate as microclimates change the comfort level of the deck. Heavily rely on the overall scenic view to determine the final location but be careful and only choose a view that doesn’t infringe on personal and neighborhood privacy.

The Budget

The budget you use for building the deck determines its size, design, and materials. When calculating the budget, add in the cost of labor, transport, and miscellaneous expenses that come up. Note that finishing such as lighting, sitting, and even railings also raise the cost of a deck.


Several materials in the market make a good deck. Get more information on pressure-treated wood that has weather-resistant preservatives when building in a place with more than one climate throughout the year. For a cold and wet climate, use premium hardwood such as teak and ipe to avoid rotting. Plastic planks with a floaty feeling are great for cold areas and with children while aluminum decking is slip-resistant and perfect for the elderly although costly.

Deck’s Style

The design of the deck should complement the architectural design of your house. It should be an extension of the home. The more detailed the architectural structure of the house, the more input goes into designing the deck as it should follow the proportions and lines of the house.

Get Knowledgeable about Building Codes

The local government has a lot of power over the kind of structure allowed. Before having contractors come in, contact the local government and use the building codes to determine if it permits the design of the deck. Do extensive research before buying any materials or paying for a design as state and city laws restrictions vary when it comes to structuring additions and remodeling.


Maintenance of a deck is necessary regardless of the type of material used in its construction. However, some materials need more maintenance than others. Wood decks need annual refinishing from sanding to the application of a new finish to keep them looking warm, inviting, and long-lasting. Treated wood needs clear sealers every two years but is less labor-intensive than natural wood. Decks made from plastic and aluminum need proper cleaning every 3 years to remove moldy patches.


When building a deck, note that the primary reason may evolve and future planning is necessary to accommodate entertainment purposes such as outdoor dining, kids’ play area, and privacy area, among others. You should solve safety issues during dark through lighting. Choose lighting that matches the purpose of the deck and the season. Although built-in lighting is great, it significantly increases the budget as it needs multiple fixtures to work. Add a screen of plants if privacy is limited.