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How To Prevent Fires in the Kitchen

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Kitchen or cooking fires are the primary source of home fires and damage. Various ways can help prevent kitchen fires from causing damage and destroying homes. As much as one can prevent kitchen fires, it is hard to eliminate every potential fire source from the cooking area; hence one can lower fire risks by eliminating hazards and sustaining the cooking section. One way to prevent fires is never to leave the stove unattended as you prepare the food. You should stay in the kitchen while frying or boiling food. If need be, leave the kitchen, and kindly turn off your cooker for a moment before leaving the room.

All cooking appliances should be serviced and in good condition. Kitchen tools such as toaster and tray should be cleaned or removed from the kitchen. Microwaves and the oven should stay clean all the time. Once you leave the kitchen, ensure that all appliances have been unplugged from the sockets if not used. Some devices start malfunctioning when plugged for long periods into the sockets. The electric appliances continue drawing electricity even when they are off; hence in case of faulty or overheats, the chances of a fire breaking out are high. Professionals should regularly inspect all devices to ensure they are working correctly.

Install smoke detectors in the kitchen. This helps one detect smoke easily, making it easy to control fires before it starts. Once the smoke detectors are in place, ensure they are operating in every room. Smoke detectors can be placed inside or outside the kitchen area. You should ensure that smoke detectors stay on all the time. Another way to prevent fires is to watch what you are cooking, as some of these fires occur due to high cooking temperatures. Keeping the heat at medium or low levels can help prevent kitchen fires.

When cooking, you may consider turning pan or pot handles toward the back of the cooker. These hanging handles over the cooker edge are at risk as you can pump on them and spill what is being cooked; hence, a fire can also occur from that. Rotating the handles ensures you can safely move around the kitchen without fear. Children should be kept out of the kitchen area as they may start playing with cookers or stoves, and eventually, fire can occur. You may consider purchasing a stove guard that prevents them from touching hot appliances and prevents them from burning.

You should avoid loose clothing while cooking as they can easily touch frames or get caught on panhandles. This is another hazard that must be prevented; hence, before preparing food, eliminate loose clothing such as ties or scarves. You also need to cover long hair as it can easily catch fire, resulting in destructive effects. Cooking fires can be prevented through fire extinguishers. Most homes need to be equipped with extinguishers to ensure that kitchen fires can be contained before calling for help. You can help lower the fire risks by practicing proper and safe cooking.