Home Inspections Charleston, SC

 Occupants or would be occupants of homes in the Charleston area of South Carolina can rest easy when it comes to receiving a comprehensive inspection of their homes. At Accuview Home Inspections, we offer a range of services to help residents and owners get a professional assessment of the condition of the homes.

Typically, an occupant is likely to look at the façade of the home, the neighborhood and the availability of amenities. However, one of the most important considerations should be verified information about structural characteristics and actual condition of various aspects of a home. As an accredited member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, our thorough and granular look permits inhabitants to enjoy the home for a longer period in a safe manner.

Our pre-purchase inspections carried out by trained and experienced Home Inspectors, offer accurate information to occupants or interested occupants about the actual strength of a building. To an untrained eye, a home may appear nice and sturdy, but beneath the luster and the finish are untold stories of possible decay and poor strength.

We help owners and residents with in-depth and accurate reports about structural strength, material condition and expected lifespan of buildings. All that is required for an over-enthusiastic seller is a fresh coat of paint to hide defects and weaknesses in the structure. Our inspections will help uncover any attempts to pass off substandard structures as new ones.

Our highly trained and certified Home Inspectors make use of advanced equipment and their specialist knowledge of structures to unearth information that is not visible to the human eye. We have, in the past successfully demonstrated to clients about pest infestations, and structural defects that result in energy loss, within homes that were not discernible through the naked and untrained human eye.

Moisture is one of the biggest problems that a building will face, with resultant damage to the structure, apart from the molding that is inevitable. A damp structure is highly likely to impact structural strength if the moisture remains untreated and at vulnerable places in the building. We possess the ability to ferret out information about the structure and help occupants to pre-empt further damage. This will help you to move into a home with the greater reassurance of construction that will last long.

The home that one chooses needs to ideally have a higher threshold of structural strength to fight the forces of nature that may batter a home when the weather turns truant. And it is equally important to reside in an atmosphere where homes and living spaces are not infested by pests. Predominantly, homeowners prefer woodwork, mainly due to greater esthetics.

But, timber that is not treated runs the risk of termite infestations that will remain invisible to the naked eye, until manifestations are visible. Our teams possess the equipment and the expertise to assess timber for either the presence or threat of termite infestation.

Call us to understand more about how we can help in alerting you to possible structural weakness, or threats that may be existing or may arise. For a complete inspection of your interiors, exteriors, HVAC, plumbing, garage, attic, woodwork and basement, call us and benefit from a professional assessment that will never fail you.